SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2012 was great!

On April 28th 2012 the best ever edition of SharePoint Saturday Belgium was successfully delivered. We had 36 sessions of 50 minutes, an exhibition with well-known and maybe less known SharePoint or SharePoint related companies, a fantastic prize draw and an awesome SharePint.

I would like to thank all the sponsors who participated in SharePoint Saturday and especially the prize draw sponsors. The prize draw itself was fun, because we used a randomizer tool and it was performed real-time. It did had some strange funny side effects though J

But I also need to thank our speakers. Thank you for speaking at SharePoint Saturday Belgium, thank you for travelling to Belgium, thank you for helping us make SharePoint Saturday Belgium the success that it was.

Other kudos goes to my colleagues in the user group. Organizing a SharePoint Saturday is an intensive job, that comes on top of the day job, and we organized it as a team.

And of course a big thanks you for the attendees. Thank you for joining us, on a Saturday in a long weekend! The mix of attendees, sponsors and speakers made this edition a huge success!

Most of the slide decks are uploaded to slideshare. Pictures will be uploaded very soon

I can say no more in this blog post except:

Let’s hope we can organize another SharePoint Saturday in 2013.

SharePoint Saturday Belgium: April 28th with a lot of great speakers and topics!

With pride, BIWUG can announce the second official SharePoint Saturday organized in Belgium. Karine Bosch organized the first one in May 2010.
The second one is organized on April 28th by BIWUG, and since Karine is a board member of BIWUG, she is one of the co-organizers.

I am also co-organizing this great community event and my responsibility is to make sure we have enough funding to organize SPS (via sponsors) and to organize the Power User, Information Worker or Knowledge Worker track. You can call it whatever, my goal was to organize a track without Visual Studio and PowerShell. (Or at least just a little bit of Visual Studio and PowerShell ;-) )

Since I really like Daft Punk a lot, my goal was to make this SharePoint Saturday Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, hence this will be the best SharePoint Saturday EVER organized in Belgium. We will have a good organization, great topics, even better speakers and presenters, and a fast and hard prize draw and a strong SharePint at the end of SharePoint Saturday Belgium. Just as a site note, back in 1997 I was in New York to visit a friend, and we went to a Daft Punk concert and could even get a backstage pass. Therefore, yes, I am one of the persons who actually saw Guy-Manuel and Thomas. If only I knew at that time that these two guys  wore helmets al the time, I would have focused a little more to be able to remember their faces J

Now back to SharePoint Saturday Belgium.

Who should attend?

  • IT Pro
  • Developers
  • Information Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Business CEO
  • Designers/Branding
  • Information Workers
  • Power End Users
  • End Users

Why should you attend?

It is a free event, organized by BIWUG. We will have 3 tracks (and maybe even 4 depending on the occupancy of the facility). There is a developer track, an IT pro/Administrator track and then track where I am responsible for, let us call it the IW track. It will be the first SharePoint Saturday where we will have a bunch of international speakers. We have a shortlist of international speakers, and while we are taking care of the latest practical arrangements, we can’t  disclose their names yet. There is one speaker who confirmed her travel schedule today, and that is Christina Wheeler.

There will be an exposition hall with booths from the SharePoint Saturday Belgium sponsors. Therefore, this is also a very good way to get to know the SharePoint 3rd party vendors and other SharePoint companies. Go and have a chat with them and broaden your SharePoint platform knowledge.
At the end of the day, there will be a prize draw and after that we organized a #SharePint.

Where is this SharePoint coolness?

The scene of SPSBE is in the Business Faculty of Xylos. We are grateful for Xylos in being our facility sponsor! You can find a map on the registration page, but for Murphy’s sake, here is a downloadable route description.

How can you register to attend?

I am really looking forward to meet you there. I might be busy that day, but when you see me, stop me, grab me and greet me. Do not fear my dark force ;-) .
Please feel free to spread the word. You can use #SPSBE as the hash tag in twitter.