About Patrick

A brief BIO

Patrick is the co-founder of STS Computers, a Belgian based company that started as a computer shop. After a few years we grew from retail to providing services to Small & Medium sized Enterprises. In 2005 STS was awarded Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Since 2006 Patrick is mainly doing some visionary and strategically work.

Patrick started working with SharePoint in 2005. He started as an infrastructure consultant, but realized that SharePoint success is not only related to technical aspects.
His work as a consultant consists of assisting organizations to deliver SharePoint business value and create the awareness in these organizations that a strong technical team is not sufficient to deliver this added value.
Even though IT departments sometimes think “resistance is futile”, the human factor is, besides strategy, processes and vision a very important factor in delivering added business value.
He usually works on topics like Governance, Goal Alignment, Change Management, User Adoption,… .
Patrick is active in the BIWUG (Belgian and Luxemburg IW User group) and has a strong interest in Innovation games.

In his spare time Patrick likes to go Scuba diving and spend time with his wife and kids.

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