How to get SharePoint attention from IT and business

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Getting SharePoint attention can be a hard thin. This blog post is written after having an very interesting conversation with Mark Miller and Sarah Haasse. It covers a small and simple yet interesting way to promote your SharePoint solutions in your organization and get management attention.

With solution I don’t mean per definition your WSP files, but I mean a solution that enables the business to do their work on a better, more efficient way. The form it is deployed to your farm or site does not matter. It can be a wsp, but also customization in the graphical interface, a workflow, or just a simple list to track non-conformities.

How to get SharePoint attention from IT but also from the business

A good way to get SharePoint attention from management and from the business is to have testimonials.
Write down, in simple language what to business problem was, how it was solved and what the (tangible) business value is. The business value can be financial, but does not have to be. Saving time and reducing stress are also very important results that improve the Return On Investment (ROI) and increase the productivity of employees.

Depending on your corporate culture, the testimonial can have different formats. It can be a Word document, one or two PowerPoint slides, a wiki page…
Also make sure, these testimonials are visible on your Intranet or Information Center, that they can be accessed by everybody without having to click ten times.

Now, to get the SharePoint attention it doesn’t stop here. Just like user adoption, you need to actively promote these testimonials.

A first line of promotion is the IT chain. Probably IT pays your wage or invoice, so use your hierarchical line of command and don’t just stop at your line-manager. Make sure the IT management team also receives this information, either on a formal or an informal way.

The second promo-tour is the line of management of the business you helped. Ask your main stakeholder or business project owner to send the document or a link to that document if you uploaded it on the Intranet to their line of command. Make sure the business knows what you achieved and also prepare for new or extra requests.

So, don’t just stop with promoting it within IT, but also include business in it. And this is a great way to start or feed the Champions network and the SharePoint community in your organization.


  • Engage the business to write and/or assist them to write testimonials
  • Promote them within the IT line of management, but also on the Business one.
  • Prepare and get organized for new requests and possibly extra workload.


About Patrick Sledz

Patrick works as a consultant. He assists organizations to deliver SharePoint business value and create the awareness in these organizations that only a strong technical team is not sufficient to deliver this added value.
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