How to add a Google or Bing map to your Collaboration Site

In this article I will explain you how you can add a Google or Bing map to your Collaboration site. Actually, you can use this for all kinds of sources.
Prerequisite: You need to have Site Owner rights to modify pages (adding web parts)

  1. The first thing you need to do is to add a Content Editor WebPart
  2. Click on Site Actions and then on Edit Page

  1. Select the Web Part zone where you want to display the map
  2. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section and select the Content Editor Web Part and press ADD
  3. Then click on the Edit / Modify Shared Web Part

  4. In the right part of your screen the you’ll see the Content Editor Web Part details. You can set your own title in the title field under Appearance. Now you have to copy the code of your google/bing map into the webPart. Click on Source Editor and the editor will popup.
  5. Paste your source (which you can find somewhere on the google of bing page (mostly under embed in website) Copy the HTML code
    1. For Google :
    2. For Bing:

You can of course customize your map by clicking the customize and preview link.

  1. Paste the HTML code in the Editor and click on Save

  2. Then depending on ‘where’ you created this page, you need to click on Exit Edit mode in the right corner (under Site Actions) or Check in and Share Draft on the top of the page

Note: If you are doing this from within a HTTPS site, you will get a popup when you access this page to inform you that some information that is displayed isn’t secure and it will ask to display the secure data. If you select yes here, the map will be displayed, of you choose no, it won’t be displayed.









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