How to display the week number in a SharePoint calendar

I would like to display the week number in a calendar month view. I searched on Bing and google for a while, but all I could find was how to display the week number in a date picker.

Here is a screenshot of what I would like to have (or something similar) :


After Marc D Anderson commented with how to figure out where to place and calculate the week. This is the screenshot what happens to your date picker after you enabled the “Show week numbers in the Data Navigator” in your sites Regional Settings. So the answer to these questions is somewhere in this screenshot J

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  • You can certainly do something like this with script in the page. I think the tricky bits will be:
    * Figuring out what the week *is*, i.e., you’ll have to grab the current month info and the Sunday date from the DOM for at least the first week of the month.
    * Calculating the week number based on that date.
    * Figuring out where in the DOM to put the week numbers.


  • I updated the original post with a screenshot (see update 1)

  • Actually, the DatePicker and the Monthly Calendar view are totally different beasties and have different behavior and markup. If you want to display the week number in the Monthly Calendar view, you’ll need to develop the script from scratch.