The near future of Nozbe (on iPhone) looks promising.

Today Michael Sliwinski  posted a new blog post on Nozbe.

For me the interesting part (at this moment) is the paragraph about the new iPhone. Nozbe has set up a partnership with Macoscope, a Polish software house that is specialized in development for the Apple platform.

The last modifications were done and the new Nozbe iPhone application is submitted to the Appstore. I can’t wait to start using it. It will be a paying App, and I hope it will not cost too much, but it will definitely add value to the Nozbe application. I’m currently using the version 1.0.2 which is a quite simple application that lacks lots of functionality.

Horizontal view

A new feature will be the horizontal view. In the current App you can only edit tasks in horizontal view, but Michael announced vertical editing functions in the new version.


Context Icons

I consider the context icons weak point. The black&white icons or so outdated and they just don’t look nice. But I suppose (and hope) that will be modified in the new App, because the context icons got updated to very nice icons in the Nozbe WebApp. If we could just upload our own now…

context icons

Other new features will be (as announced in this post):

Easier collaboration.

  • Share Projects from the iPhone (and iPad) App
  • Delegate tasks
  • Comment on tasks

Working with Files

  • add and view files in your projects

Easier navigation 

  • The Project section is redesigned so you can see actions, notes, files and project info as tabs on the project. This means that you’ll be able to access all project information quicker


    I hope the new Nozbe for iPhone will be available soon in the AppStore , because it looks very promising.

About Patrick Sledz

Patrick works as a consultant. He assists organizations to deliver SharePoint business value and create the awareness in these organizations that only a strong technical team is not sufficient to deliver this added value.
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  • Hannah Swain

    Having used both RTM and Nozbe, which would you say works better/more comfortably for GTD? I’m considering letting my RTM subscription lapse, but then need an alternative!

    • Patrick Sledz

      Hi Hannah,

      I have used RTM for a while. For me there are some important differences between the two. One thing is, that it is extremly easy to create a Next Action in Nozbe.The way I used RTM demanded too much effort from me when I was inputting my actions. At this moment I am writing a blog post on this and hope to have it online soon. In this post I’ll explain what I like in Remember The Milk and Nozbe, what I didn’t like, and why I changed from RTM to Nozbe.
      Oh yes, you can create a free of charge account for Nozbe via this link. The account is limited in number of Projects and Contexts, but you can start from this free account and really SEE and DO some Nozbe GTD.