SharePoint Evolutions conference

Yes, my ticket for Sunday to travel with the Eurostar from Brussels to London is booked. I called the Belgian call center this morning at 09:00 and they confirmed that there were no more places available to leave on Sunday. The operator I talked to yesterday confirmed me that at 10:00 Eurostar will announce extra trains, and they can book them as soon as they are announced. What I don’t understand is that the operator this morning didn’t provided/knew this information, even when I specifically asked for it.

Anyway, I called back at 10:00 and this operator was aware of the extra scheduled procedure and I managed to buy a ticket to leave tomorrow at 12:59. SharePoint Evolutions (and definitely a big SharePint with lots of travel stories) here I come. I hope other people will get there safely and on time.

Oh yes, my flight from Antwerp -> London city with Cityjet was cancelled yesterday, and I called there call center just a few minutes ago. They cancelled my flight back and will refund it to my credit card.

It was a stressful experience to arrange transport to London, but eventually I turned out pretty good for me.

Happy and save travels to all other #SPEVO attendees

About Patrick Sledz

Patrick works as a consultant. He assists organizations to deliver SharePoint business value and create the awareness in these organizations that only a strong technical team is not sufficient to deliver this added value.
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