Nozbe and what to do on your IPhone when you changed you passwordNozbe and what to do on your IPhone when you changed you password

I started testing with a free account of NOZBE and Since i am an Iphone user, installed the application on my Iphone. After changing the password in the webinterface of Nozbe my Iphone didn’t sync anymore because of the password mismatch.

On my iphone I couldn’t find the screen where I could change of enter my username and or password, so I started googling for it. After somewhate more then 10 minutes the answer was clear. Currenlty you can’t change your password on the  Iphone.  It is documented in the forum.

The workaround is to de-instal NOZBE on your Iphone and reinstall it from the Appstore. Ofcourse no data is lost since everything is stored on the NOZBE servers.

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